Portrait Dentures
Personalized Cosmetic Dentures vs. Conventional Dentures: Discover the Difference

“False teeth” – we’ve all seen them.  They can look obvious and unnatural.  But many people don’t realize that today its possible to obtain dentures that look so natural that others assume they are.

This personalized cosmetic premium denture is called a Portrait Denture, and is offered at Dr. Campbell, Dentists.  Its a far cry from traditional “false teeth” – and its understandably the kind of denture most people prefer.

Since conventional dentures are designed for the “average” person, not for a particular individual, they all tend to look alike.  The teeth are usually too monotone in color, and placed too evenly to look natural.

Contrary to this, Portrait Dentures imitate nature, and natural teeth look natural because they have many subtle details and color variations.  In fashioning personalized dentures, care is taken to create similar variations.  So your new teeth will look healthy, natural and attractive.

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Many factors are considered in order to achieve your new personalized Portrait Denture smile.  Dr. Campbell, Dentists will make a detailed evaluation of your face.  The final design of your premium cosmetic denture will be based on careful study of all these factors:

The size and shape of your face

Your facial contours and features
Your basic coloration – eyes, hair and complexion
Your age

Dr. Campbell, Dentists and his technicians have great experience in constructing dentures.  Dr. Campbell, Dentists have had a tradition of making dentures since the company began in the 1920’s.  This extra experience has created an environment with in-house denture technicians who take pride in their dental work.  Now, Dr. Campbell, Dentists has added top of the line denture teeth for a premium denture with noticeable improvement in the natural appearance for Portrait Denture wearers.

“We know our dentures are great, and thousands of patients agree,” says Dr. Campbell.

Premiere Dental Services
If you would like to learn more about Portrait Dentures and how they can enrich your life and possibly provide a picture perfect smile, call or email Dr. Campbell, Dentists today and set up and initial, complimentary consultation.